About Us

Club Voltaire is Melbourne’s premiere venue for emerging talent in the performing arts

Sneak Peak - Natalie Cameron & Mike Boyd

Our intimate bar and 50 seat theatre space is located down the Raglan St laneway in the heart of North Melbourne’s bustling arts precinct, where we have been providing alternative, eccentric & unique live performances for audiences since 2003. We are an integral part of Melbourne’s theatre culture; allowing performers and independent theatre companies on the verge of professionalism to develop, workshop & perform new works in front of a live audience in a supportive environment.

Performance styles showcased at Club Voltaire have included Cabaret, Burlesque, Comedy, Live Music, Circus, Drag, Magic, Absurdist Theatre, DaDa, Vaudeville, Surrealism, Expressionism, Avant-Garde, & Contemporary Dance. Every night at Club Voltaire offers something profoundly different and highly original so if you’re looking for a great night out in Melbourne, or a venue to trial your new edgy show, then we invite you to join us at Club Voltaire

And No I Did Not Grow Up Doing Yoga- Aarti Vincent & Mike Boyd
Our Team

Club Voltaire is largely run through the generosity of its community of volunteers and support from industry professionals passionate about what we do.  The team at Club Voltaire is led by Lindsay Saddington (Owner) with assistance from Megan Wilson (Marketing and Bookings Manager) and Mike Boyd (Media Manager) and a number of talented event organisers and performers